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«4 August 2016»
I haven't been updating the site lately, all shows and music can be found on my facebook and mixcloud page (click the icons in the top menu). Peace!

«22 September 2015»

The Bassport broadcast and rebroadcast were a great success! Check out the mix in the music section.


«28 July 2015»

Two sweet-ass gigs confirmed! Playing a swingin' disco-funk-remix set on BabyBurn in Amsterdam, and playing a guest session on Bassport FM. Check out the shows section for more info!


«27 July 2015»

Some of my favorite drum'n'bass tracks in a new mix in the music section.


«25 July 2015»

Explore life through sound with the new conscious dance mix in the music section.


«20 July 2015»

Brand new funky disco mix added to the music section.


«15 July 2015»

Today is the official launch of this brand new website and a big milestone in my DJ career. Let's rock the world with tunes!



Who is Navcore?

Navcore (Navid) heard the soundtrack of the movie The Matrix back in 1998 at the age of 12. He will never forget the moment that the mixture of heavy electronic music and rock & metal was pumping through his headphones for the first time. He was sold.

Many many many years later (in 2007 or something), he started DJing at his own new years parties in the city of Delft (Netherlands). Back then it was all the hard stuff. The party would not have an end and the bass would nearly smash the windows into shards. This is the time when he picked his DJ name.

While mostly listening to rock, metal, psytrance, drum n bass and other underground stuff, he started playing regularly on underground psytrance parties. He had upgraded his gear and was able to move around the country somewhat easier. One day, he discovered the song Hedflux - Music Is My Weapon (Far Too Loud remix). The goosebumping breakbeats and fusion of genres in this song changed his view on DJing forever. Nowadays he is both active in underground and mainstream scenes.

Why not play everything you are passionate about? From disco to drum n bass, from psychedelic rock to hiphop, from underground raves to guided dance meditations: Navcore delivers. His vision: DJing is in the first place not about the DJ, it's about YOU, the audience. Navcore plays on all sorts of occasions (clubs, raves, festivals, workshops, chill sessions). He mainly plays in the Netherlands but is on a mission to conquer the world! Go to the contact form to book him.

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Previously in 2015

«9 Aug 2015»

BabyBurn, Noorderlicht Amsterdam

Disco set

«14 Aug 2015»

21:00 - 22:00 CET Spotlight Session Bassport FM

Bass set

«19 Aug 2015»

OWee, Wolbodo Delft

Disco set

«22 Aug 2015»

An Alternative Flight to Pitcher Paradise, Pitcher Haarlem

Disco set

«2 Oct 2015»

SHOT delivers: TRANCE, Magistrat The Hague

Trance set


«12 Feb 2015»

BRUTU: Techno, Fruit & More, ACU Utrecht

Tech'n'Breaks set

«14 Mar 2015»

Glittervrij Weekend

Guided Dance Meditation set

«19 Mar 2015»

Wake & Break, ACU Utrecht

Breakbeat set

«12 Apr 2015»

Heaven & Earth Festival, Club Lite Amsterdam

Guided Dance Meditation set

«24 Apr 2015»

Vrijnacht, Storing Haarlem

50's to 00's set

«14-17 May 2015»

KunstKnapen Heavenly Collective Festival

Disco set, Bass set

«22 May 2015»

United, Club Lite Amsterdam

Guided Dance Meditation set

«20 June 2015»

SHOT Grand Opening, Club Magistrat The Hague

Disco'n'techno set

«7-12 July 2015»

SuperBarrioBrothers at Nowhere Festival Spain

Discotechnobreaks sets



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